Monday, 13 April 2015

Isle of Wight Walks (Part Two) - Gurnard and Cowes

This walk begins at the Woodvale Hotel in Gurnard, on the Island’s north coast, and is disabled-friendly as it uses a flat paved surface throughout. At 1.7 miles (2.8 kilometers) it should take most walkers less than an hour, although being linear rather than circular there is the small matter of getting back to the starting point if you have travelled there by car!

1. From the Woodvale simply walk down to Princes Esplanade and follow along to Egypt Point and continue along the Esplanade. This path continues along the seafront into Cowes, around the Royal Yacht Squadron and then along The Parade, where the coastal walk concludes and forces a right turn into Watch House Lane. From there turn left and follow the High Street through the pedestrianised area.

2. Opposite the entrance to the Red Funnel foot passenger terminal is The Pier View public house, passing which the walk continues along the High Street to The Anchor on your right.

That’s it, basically, but energetic walkers seeking a little more can simply double up with a pleasant walk back along the coast to Gurnard and the Woodvale, where one can enjoy a rewarding pint or walk down to the coast opposite to the seaside café which offers delicious local ice creams as well as teas, coffees and light snacks.