Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Autumn holidays in the Sun

Just booked up with The Sun for a weekend in the autumn and we've been assigned to Fairway Holiday Park in October, just at the start of the half-term holiday. A quick visit to Bebo confirms that star entertainer James Matthewman is still there. Last time we called by he was doing a double-act with Bruce Jones (Les Battersby to some), who holidays there himself.

It will be nice to see Fairway again as it was our first "base" on the Island. If we can find somewhere available during that fairly busy period for a couple of extra nights, either by remaining at Fairway or locating somewhere to move on to, it should make for a nice little break.

Me, I'm quite looking forward to it.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Touring and camping holidays on the Isle of Wight

I've stayed in caravans, chalets, holiday cottages and hotels on the Isle of Wight. I've even on occasions spent cold, chilly and uncomfortable nights on friends' settees. But one thing I haven't done - yet - is take a tent and spend a cheap but fulfilling weekend or few days under the stars amongst the elements.

To be honest it's a very long time since I've pitched a tent anywhere. But if camping is your thing, the Isle of Wight offers many options to enable you to get away from the noise and the pollution of the city and spend some time breathing clear air in the unspoiled countryside of this wonderful little island.

The most obvious of these options is probably Park Resorts. They have 22 coastal parks around the country, including on the Island, and prices start at just £24 per night.

What is really attractive about this is that campers have the same use of the site facilities as those staying in the caravans or the holiday homes. At Thorness Bay, where we usually stay at least once a year, we see the tent dwellers at the Regatta Bar enjoying the singing, dancing and entertainment and then during the day time one meets them at the swimming pool, or eating and drinking at the plush new restaurant/bar. The large and expanding camping pitch on the site has all the usual facilities, and I've witnessed a real community spirit developing amongst the growing number of "regulars" who return each year.

If you don't have a tent of your own it's no problem. Park Resorts hire out their own three-bedroom, ready-to-use tents at Nodes Point, nr. Ryde, from just £59 per break.

For more information about camping at Park Resorts, please just click here and see for yourself what is available for you.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Buying your own Holiday Home on the Isle of Wight

Owning your own holiday home gives you the freedom of being able to jump into your car and drive off to your holiday destination at a whim, at almost any time of the year including the summer season. You don't need to book, you can hire it out to friends, and you have the familiarity of knowing that you'll be staying at your own caravan in the same location.

Additionally, you could choose to let your holiday home out at those times when you know you'll not be using it. In this way you can generate a valuable income and let others pay for your own well-deserved holiday.

Probably the best option for holiday home ownership is Park Resorts. As well as managing 37 award-winning parks, including four on the Isle of Wight, the company has a wealth of experience through its Owners Elite Teams who will speak to you about your needs and requirements and consider the best option to suit your individual circumstances. Park Resorts hosts exclusive events and parties for owners, providing a great environment in which to meet new friends and socialise, as well as providing free ownership to all the facilities available at the parks.

Owners benefit from an extended season, allowing them to use the parks exclusively before the holidaymaker season begins and also for some time after it has finished.

Another way in which owners can make money is through the Owners Referral Programme. Refer a friend into holiday home ownership and you will receive a credit worth £500. Refer three and you will receive £2250 - and there's no upper limit!

Needless ot say there are costs involved. As well as the initial purchase of the holiday home, owners are required to pay Pitch Fees, insurance, rates, electricity and gas. Park Resorts frequently offer a discount on Pitch Fees as an incentive, at least over the first year - ask them before you make your decision to buy.

They have also been known to offer a free night's stay if you visit a park with a view to discuss buying, or to refund the cost of your holiday if you purchase a holiday home during your stay. Again, ask them what's on offer.

The last thing that needs to be stressed is that owning a holiday home can be surprisingly affordable. While a new top model caravan might cost you in excess of £50,000, a used model can be bought for £7,000 - sometimes even less.

Whether you are ready to purchase your own holiday home or whether you remain undecided, Isle of Wight Review would urge you to contact Park Resorts and discuss your options with them. In our experience the Owners Elite teams are without exception professional, expert, open, honest and not in any pushy in that annoying way that most sales people tend to be these days.

For more information without any obligation, please click here and visit the section on Holiday Home Ownership.

Great beaches on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place, and there's a lot to do there. One of the things that's a favourite of travellers and tourists, though, is to go to the beach. If you're going to be spending a lot of time on the beach, Sandown is among the best choices. The beaches there are very beautiful and they are unspoiled in many ways, so walking along them can be quite an experience. The white sand is the main attraction, but there is a pier there, as well, with amusements. Adults and children alike can have fun on this boardwalk and still enjoy the unspoiled areas of beach. Breweries and many other things are on the Isle of Wight, too, which is also an English county.

There are more than one hundred and forty thousand people who call it home, but they will be happy to welcome you on your holiday adventure. The Isle of Wight has many unspoiled areas along with its beaches, and the countryside overall is amazing, so it's something that you shouldn't miss during your stay. Ocean ferries take you between the mainland and the Isle of Wight, so it's easy for you to get there with no work involved.

Once you get there, you can really relax, because Isle of Wight breaks are some of the best that the UK has to offer. The restaurants, the beaches, and the accommodations are not easy to forget, and they keep people coming back to the Isle of Wight again and again, no matter how many times they've already been to a particular area or seen a particular attraction - and that's especially true of the beaches. Many places have nice beaches, but the area near Sandown, with all of that white sand, is really exquisite. People love to come there with their special someone, with their children, or just with their family or friends. Some come alone, just to be part of nature and at peace for a little while. There are so many miles of coastline and beach that you can get the solitude that you crave or you can spend time with others. The choice is really up to you, and the Isle of Wight offers you both options. It's a great way to keep visitors interested in the area and keep them coming back for more of the beauty of the Isle of Wight each time they take a holiday.

This article was written on behalf of Gurnard Pines a Isle of Wight Holiday Parks perfect for taking an Isle of Wight Holiday. It is reproduced with acknowledgements to Jainsachin Articles Directory.

Job opportunities on the Isle of Wight

Have you ever thought of moving to paradise? And, by paradise I am referring to the Isle of Wight. The Island is quite possibly the most beautiful place in all of Britain. And, there is so much to do there. You can mountain bike, kite surf, paraglide, or sit on the beach. The best part is the island has the most amazing climate. So, if you are sick of London's cold weather, it might be time to make a change. However what are you going to do for work?

A lot of people actually find employment on the Isle of Wight. However, the Island makes the majority of its money off of tourism. So, chances are the job opportunities that are on the island will most likely involve working with the tourists that come to visit the island. If you will not mind that, then it might be time to start looking into to a new job and figuring out where to move on the island.

What kind of jobs are we talking about?

One example of a job on the island is a domestic gas installer. You responsibilities involve installation of central heating systems for private customers across the Island. In this job you would work with a variety of people and companies. A lot of people come and stay on the island for a short time and need their heating installed temporarily, so you would help them.

If that does not sound like a job that is up your alley, consider looking into account management. There are some stores and hotels that require territory account management. You would have to travel around the island and make sure that the client's needs are being taken care of. Then, you would work at home using a laptop.

You also have the option of working in the many stores or hotels on the island. Some places work on an incentive based system. You could receive tips or commission. This might be the ideal opportunity if you are motivated and like working with people.

The island also has a lot of restaurants that need employees. You might like working at one of them and helping the tourists. You would definitely meet fun people and the hours would be flexible.

Whatever job you do get, keep in mind, you are moving to the island to live there are relax there. So your job is basically your second priority. Find something that will make you enough money and that you will enjoy doing.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Garden Isle Hotels who offer Isle of Wight Accommodation and is reproduced with acknowledgements to Jainsachin Articles Directory.

Best Time To Visit The Isle Of Wight

by Robert Palmer

The best time to visit the Isle of Wight depends on what you like to do and what kind of person you are. In other words, there is a huge array of options for festivals and other experiences. There is also a lot of difference in climate from one season to the other, and that can settle an argument about the best time to visit very quickly. If you like the hotter climates and the idea of going to the beach and doing a lot of outdoor activities, the summer on the Isle of Wight is definitely for you. That's a great time for sun worshippers to go there and enjoy everything that the Isle has to offer, no matter what kinds of activities they like to enjoy. There are hikes, gardens, and camping that can be enjoyed, and there is always the beach and the beauty of the coastline.

There are also festivals and great places to eat, as well as beautiful options for places to stay. In the summer, though, the Isle is busier, rates are higher, and there are more tourists. If those types of things aren't for you, it might be better for you to visit in the winter. There is less to do outside during that time when it comes to things like enjoying the beach, but there is still plenty to enjoy. A lot of people like the rugged beauty of the wintertime coastline and the storms that blow through. They enjoy the bracing weather because they prefer to stay curled up inside near a fire with something warm to drink. Some people also like to go outside in that type of weather and see the sights, and there are fewer people there because it's the off season.

In addition to avoiding the crowds you can also get cheaper rates regarding places to stay (and sometimes places to eat and other attractions) during the winter time. The people who own and manage hotels, cottages, and campsites know that there aren't as many people during the off season and that they will have a lot of competition so they lower their prices to get people to come in and stay with them. Especially when you book in advance you can get some great winter deals on the Isle of Wight. Booking in advance can also help you to get better deals in the summer, as well, if you're set on coming to the Isle of Wight during that time.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Melville Hall who are a Sandown Hotel based on the Isle of Wight. It is reproduced with acknowledgements to Article Alley.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Back at Rookley - and Small Hope Beach...

Can't believe it's been so long since I last posted (pressures of work) but I was back at Rookley at the weekend with the family, or part of it at least.

Once again there would seem to have been a bit of a shuffle at the top. The mystery of Simon's departure remains and now Danni has gone too, but Charlie is back and seems to be running the entertainment side of things. One particularly good sign is that Island View seems to be holding on to its staff, suggesting that it knows how to look after people which, let's face it, is always good news for the customer. The site also now boasts a tidy fish and chip shop where the little grocery shop used to be.

Another fine carp was landed at the small lake, albeit only 5lbs this time but it put up a tremendous struggle. Sadly I picked the only windy and rainy day from an otherwise glorious weekend to venture forth.

If out and about in Shanklin or Sandown and in the mood for a walk I recommend the two-mile stroll between the two along Small Hope Beach (pictured above), where there are numerous caf├ęs and, if you want to hang around for the day, hundreds of beach huts for hire at about £10-£12 a time.

We're looking to liven this blog up again with regular contributions and features, so if you have anything you'd like to submit, either for review or in the form of an article, then please do let us know.