Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Isle of Wight Walks (Part Four) - Brading

The Brading walk embraces town and country over a distance of just under three and a quarter miles (5.2 kms), taking in scenic hills and farmland as well as the charming, if traffic-laden main street. It starts at the car park at the top end of town, just past the Bugle Inn.

1. Exiting from the car park, turn right onto the main road and then cross over. Take the next left at the junction into Coach Lane and continue into West Lane past the East Lodge of Nunwell House.

2. Once past the East Lodge, exit the street immediately into a narrow Footpath B23 and follow this across an open field towards a stile at the opposite fence. After climbing the stile follow the path across a second field, bearing right and over another stile into a smaller field, descending before finally emerging onto a small road just north of Nunwell Farm. Turn left and follow the road past the farm until you reach the West Lodge of Nunwell House on your left.

3. Immediately opposite Nunwell House is Bridleway B59. Follow this around the edge of the Rookery, then bear left into Kelly's Copse. Take up this path until it forks, with the left fork continuing along and the right being Bridleway B23 (unmarked). At this point one has the option either of remaining on the existing path or of taking a scenic detour up to a point where a panoramic view of Sandown Bay can be observed. If taking this diversion bear right onto the Downs at the top of B23 and cross the field to the main Downs road. Cross over the road to see Sandown Bay. Then retrace your steps to the junction with Bridleway B39.

4. If not taking the scenic diversion, just continue along the lower bridleway and look out for a yellow footpath arrow indicating a narrow track rising into the denser wooded area (this is Footpath B60 but this fact is no longer indicated on the sign). Follow this raised track, taking great care as it overlooks a steep drop on the left hand side. When this meets Bridleway B39 (again not indicated, but obvious), turn left and follow until emerging from the woodland and descending along the northern periphery of Nunwell Down, past Little Jane's Cottage and left into Mall Road.

5. Continue along the street as far as the Bullring, then continue up the High Street past the Bugle Inn. The car park will shortly come into view on your right.

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caroline andrews said...

Lovely walk n we saw a load of MGs must have been on a race out but they were the 60s type